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Awning Cleaning

Awning Cleaning
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Awnings offer building owners a way to trademark their facility without getting caught up with the expense sign rental and the local sign laws. Many businesses used colorful awnings and with our awning cleaning service since awnings get dirty like any other fabric or hard surface metal that is exposed to the elements. Wind, rain, pollution and hard water, make awning cleaning necessary to a business or resident owner and should be done on a regular basis.Our awning cleaning service can be done on a monthly or quartely schedule.
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You cannot afford to have dirty awnings whether it is your home or business, it looks bad to your customers and potential buyer if you are selling your home. Grime left long enough, can destroy your awnings beyond repair. Nationwide smart softwash awning cleaning service program will keep your awning looking clean and like new


Our Awning Cleaning consist of 5 steps
Step 1: Clean, we clean your awning with a special biodegradable softwashing additive that is for use against organicstaining. Stains that contain living microbes and fungi like mold, mildew, bacteria and algae. This product is also effective against organic based stains that come from organic material like tree leaves, acorns, tannin acid and organic top soil.

Step 2: We then sanitized to kill and prevent mold, bacteria, algae and mildew from growing back

Step 3: We rinse with clean water to remove all chemical residue.

Step 4: Awning sealer is then applied to protect it from getting dirty quickly and protect it from the UV rays

Step 5:Colour brightener is apply to restore your awning to a better look.

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