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Playground Sanitation

Playground Sanitation

Germs are everywhere, that’s why we wash our hands and disinfect our kitchen and bathroom
sinks. However there are other places where germs breed; playgrounds. We often overlook the
importance of the sanitation, cleaning, and upkeep of playground equipment’s.

When thinking of unsanitary places, public restrooms, port-o-potties, and high traffic public
areas come to mind. However, according to a hygiene surface test conducted, they found out
that a large percent of playground surfaces tested positive for urine, feces, mucus, saliva, and
other blood-borne pathogens. A study published by the University of Arizona suggests that
almost half of all playground equipment is contaminated with potentially illness-inducing
bacteria. While swinging on monkey bars, coasting down slides, and enjoying other recreational
equipment, children are exposed to the urine, blood, saliva, sweat, and mucus of others who’ve
used the equipment before them. These facts make playground equipment twice as big of a
biohazard as public restrooms. Whether at an educational institution, park, indoor or outdoor
play areas, parents and guardians should take precautions to protect children from contracting
and transferring the germs and bacteria present on playground equipment.

Without consistent, proper cleaning and sanitation, playground equipment can be a breeding
ground for a host of bacteria and germs that cause mild to serious health issues. Norovirus, E.
coli, salmonella, and hepatitis A are just a few of the common bacterium and illnesses that can
be found in children’s playgrounds. In addition, already sick children can present even more of a
health threat to your child. Infection can occur with a simple accidental bump into a contagious
playmate or the light touch of a contaminated surface.

In order to truly sanitize, clean, and disinfect playgrounds, the product used must contain an
anti-bacterial, mildew-stat, and fungicide to guarantee true cleanliness. Nationwide have the
right equipment’s and chemicals to provide and clean and sanitize any size playground whether
it is indoor or outdoor.

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