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Softwashing vs Pressure Washing

Smart Softwashing vs Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is dangerous for cleaning roofs. Though pressures less than 800 psi at the pump head can be acceptable for rinsing away dead algae, using any gas operated pump on a roof is a professional job. Pressure washing should never be used for direct cleaning of a shingle roof’s surface. In fact, at the nozzle of the spray gun the water pressure should not exceed 150 psi. Pressure and or power washing is not best for maintenance cleanings. The constant blowing and blasting accelerates ageing on the building surfaces.

Smart Softwashing

Cleaning and sanitation chemicals, used in solutions mixed can be effective against these pests. Chemicals that are sanitizing agents used with surfactants and activators to make sure the sanitizing agent permeates deep into the
colonies of the algae and bacteria. Colonies are best described as the groups of algae or bacteria that are growing in proximity and or directly upon one another. Sometimes the first signs of infestation on a roof are silver dollar size colonies that appear as black circles. Softwash equipment and chemicals are the greenest in the industry. All low pressure softwash chemicals used are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly and will break down into just carbon and or water within 10 days of introduction into the environment.

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