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Solar Cell Cleaning

Solar Cell Cleaning

We clean all sizes and shapes of solar panels up to 80 ft from the safety of the ground

If you own or manage an array of solar panels, you’ll be interested in keeping them as efficient as possible.¬†Clean solar panels operate up to 55% more efficiently, so it’s very important to establish a regular and effective Solar Panel cleaning Service regimen.

Nationwide Solar cleaning service systems are the most flexible and cost-effective way to keep your array operating at peak efficiency.

Solar panels rely on sunlight reaching the panel’s surface to convert the sun’s energy into either electricity or heat. The greater the intensity of the sunlight reaching the cell, the more effective the panel will be.

If the glass covering the solar cell is dirty, not as much sunlight will be able to reach the cell, reducing the cell’s efficiency by as much as 55%.Dirt that accumulates on the surface of solar panels absorbs the light, and therefore prevents it reaching the surface of the cell, just like dirt on a window pane prevents you from seeing through the glass. In order to maintain peak performance, it is essential that solar panels be cleaned regularly to remove this layer of dirt. The period of cleaning can alter depending on the location of the solar panels.

Our experience tells us that more rural and industrial locations require more frequency of cleans annually. To prove that we are not alone in our findings, Google have also researched this issue.

In 2007, search engine giant Google switched on its 1.6MW solar array in California, USA. It was the largest solar array in corporate America at the time.

The following year, having established a sophisticated system to accurately monitor the energy output of the array, Google decided to examine the effect on output of cleaning the solar panels. The results were startling.

Google found that cleaning their solar panels had a huge impact on their efficiency.

In the summary of the report, Google said that “Cleaning of non-tilted solar panels resulted in tremendous gains in output” and concluded that the easiest and most effective way to maintain efficiency was to establish a regular cleaning regimen.

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