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Property Manager

This is to confirm that our Corporation has been using the services of Nationwide Window Cleaning since 2012.

Nationwide have cleaned the windows and exterior cladding of lower portions of the building with great success. Their service was affordable and more cost effective than window cleaners or exterior cleaning services.

The staff was professional and experienced with their equipment. We intend to continue using their services for years to come and recommend them to other buildings.

Rachel Cameron

Joseph A. Annan

"We found Mr. Gordon and his new window cleaning methods as the new wave in the window cleaning industry. Also, Fitzroy and his team were very punctual, responsible and provided the building with quality services."

Steve Nembhard

"The company has employed equipments and employees that provide exceptional service. They are able to clean all our windows up to the fourth floor without the need of scaling the building, which minimize the risk and thus our cost.

I would recommend Nationwide Window Cleaning to anyone needing window cleaning services."

Marguerita Robello

"I find their customer service, worksmanship and staff to be of excellent quality. They are a first class professional organization.

I would recommend Nationwide Window Cleaning to anyone needing window, Roof or any exterior building cleaning services."

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