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Why Choose Us

We understand that choosing the right contractor can be difficult. Our team is comprised of highly motivated and committed staff who deliver the highest quality of service at all times. When budgets are squeezed, window cleaning service frequency is often hit. This means dirtier windows, but no additional budget to cover the extra time needed to clean them. That is why we work with our clients and their budgets to meet their needs in order to have clean and beautiful windows.With our three locations, Toronto, Kitchener and London we are able to provide companie with multiple locations special discount.

  • The Environmental: Eco friendly, we use only pure hot water or environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Safety: Clean up to 80 ft. from the ground so 95 % of all the work is done from the safety of the ground
  • Privacy : You, your family, tenant, staff or guest maintain their privacy while we clean
  • Peace of mind: Zero liability no climbing up and down your building
  • Roof Hankers : No roof hanker ? No problem, we don’t need it
  • Damage : No damage to your roofline or building
  • Saving : Up to  30% saving over traditional window cleaning method
  • Cleaner Windows : Cleaner windows over a longer period of time. (SOAP FREE CLEANING)
  • Hot Water: Get rid of dirt from the window much faster and better.
  • Insurable : We are fully license with WSIB and carry a $2 million liability insurance. 


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